Schneiderhöhn, Hans

Category: Academics Date of Birth: 1887 Date of Death: 1962

Hans Schneiderhöhn was Professor of Mineralogy at Freiberg University in Germany;  schneiderhöhnite is named in his honour (Ottemann et al., 1973)

Schneiderhöhn arrived at Tsumeb in 1914 and, unable to return to Germany because of the war, he carried out extensive geological and mineralogical research on the Tsumeb deposit and on the Otavi Mountainland in general, later publishing important papers on the local and regional geology (Schneiderhöhn, 1929). Schneiderhöhn was the pioneer of modern ore microscopy. While at Tsumeb, he adapted components from two microscopes – one petrological and one biological – to build an instrument for studying opaque minerals in reflected light (Sohnge, 1967) and, on his return to Germany he published a seminal monograph on reflected light microscopy (Schneiderhöhn, 1920).

For many years Schneiderhöhn's microscope gathered dust on top of a cupboard in Mineralogy Department of the offices of the Tsumeb Corporation; today it is preserved in the Tsumeb Museum.


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