Composition: CuZn(AsO4)(OH)
Crystal System : Orthorhombic
Lustre : Vitreous
Hardness : 3.5
Specific Gravity : 4.34


  • Supergene
  • 1st Oxidation Zone
  • 2nd Oxidation Zone
  • 3rd Oxidation Zone

Notable Finds

The following discoveries of "cuproadamite" would almost certainly fall within the definition of zincolivenite: (1) In the second oxidation zone, Key (1977) recalls a major discovery on 28 Level, in c. 1973/74, that yielded a variety of arsenates including a complete gradation "between cuproadamite and zincian olivenite", of which most spectacular were dark olive green, blocky crystals to 35 mm, and prismatic emerald-green crystals with schultenite. (2) The 1986 pocket of cuprian adamite on bright yellow ferrilotharmeyerite from 30 Level in the second oxidation zone (see Gebhard, 1999; Cairncross, 2000) was arguably one of the most spectacular finds. (3) In the third oxidation zone, sharp, bright-green crystals with mustard-yellow ferrilotharmeyerite were found on 44 Level. (See also notes on adamite and olivenite.)