Composition: PbMoO4
Crystal System : Tetragonal
Lustre : Adamantine, resinous
Hardness : 2.5-3.0
Specific Gravity : 6.3-7.0
References: Gebhard (1999)


  • Supergene
  • 1st Oxidation Zone
  • 2nd Oxidation Zone
  • 3rd Oxidation Zone

Notable Finds

In the first oxidation zone, wulfenite was found only to a depth of 160 m (Gebhard, 1999). Wulfenite discoveries peaked in the 1960s and 70s (presumably all second oxidation zone) and included the 1968 discovery of intergrown caramel-coloured crystals to 60 cm on edge (Gebhard, op. cit.). According to Gebhard, the third oxidation zone "did not produce any significant [wulfenite] crystals", however, the combination pieces of dioptase with chromate-yellow wulfenite from the third oxidation zone are surely noteworthy.