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Thometzek, Wilhelm

Category: OMEG Management and Staff Date of Birth: ???? Date of Death: ????

Wilhelm Thometzek was the Director (general manager) of the Otavi Minen- und Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (OMEG) between 1912 and 1922.  He was a keen collector of minerals and Gebhard (1999) has suggested that his collecting style was influenced by Wilhelm Klein, who arrived at Tsumeb in 1916.   Thometzek’s collection was sold to the Berlin Museum of Natural History (Humboldt Museum)  in 1936, and “Thometzek” labels for each specimen were handwritten by Paul Ramdohr (Gebhard, op. cit.).  Unfortunately no original Thometzek labels survive, and there seems to be very little information about him, or his collecting activities.   The mineral thometzekite is named in his honour (Schmetzer et al., 1985).

The undated photograph shows Herr Thometzek, immaculately attired in a white suit, at a hoist inspection.

W. Thometzek image courtesy of the Tsumeb Museum, Tsumeb, Namibia.

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