Composition: CaZnFe3+(AsO4)2(OH)2.H2O
Crystal System : Monoclinic
Colours: Brownish-yellow, yellow
Lustre : Sub-admantine, waxy, greasy
Hardness (H) : 3
Specific Gravity (S.G) : 4.25
Year of Discovery: 1983
IMA Number: 1986-024
IMA Status: Approved
Discovered By: John Innes (Tsumeb mineralogist)
Named for: Composition/relationship (to lotharmeyerite)
References: Ansell et al. (1992)


Rare. The type specimen is from W40 stope on 32 Level (second oxidation zone). It also occurs in the third oxidation zone.


  • Supergene
  • 2nd Oxidation Zone
  • 3rd Oxidation Zone

Notable Finds

On the type specimen (from 32 Level), ferrilotharmeyerite occurs with tennantite; scorodite; conichalcite; schneiderhöhnite and beudantite. In the third oxidation zone (44 Level) it occurs with chenevixite and silver amalgam.

Paragenetic and General Notes

The ferric iron analogue of lotharmeyerite, and a member of the tsumcorite group. Readily confused with tsumcorite, gartrellite, or beaverite.

Ferrilotharmeyerite is reported to form pseudomorphs after the following minerals: tennantite (rare).