Composition: Ca2Zn(AsO4)2.2H2O
Crystal System : Triclinic
Colours: White, colourless
Lustre : Vitreous
Hardness (H) : 5
Specific Gravity (S.G) : 3.81
Year of Discovery: 1978
IMA Number: 1978-047
IMA Status: Approved
Discovered By: Prosper J. Williams (Canadian dealer)
Named for: Robert Gait (Canadian mineralogist)

Tsumeb is the Type Locality


Extremely rare. Location of type specimen is unknown. However, a subsequent discovery was made on 31 Level (Keller and Bartelke, 1982).


  • Supergene
  • 2nd Oxidation Zone

Paragenetic and General Notes

Dimorphous with zincroselite; forms a series with talmessite. The type assemblage comprises gaitite with prosperite, adamite, austinite and chalcocite.