Composition: Cu1.8S
Crystal System : Cubic; Trigonal
Colours: Grey, bluish-grey, greyish-black
Lustre : Metallic
Hardness (H) : 2.5-3.0
Specific Gravity (S.G) : 5.55
References: Gebhard (1999)


Common. Widespread throughout the Tsumeb deposit.


  • Hypogene

Paragenetic and General Notes

Digenite occurs as lamellar intergrowths with chalcocite, djurleite and similar phases. Pinch and Wilson (1977) suggest that digenite occurs as small crystals associated with chalcocite. Schneiderhöhn (1929) considered digenite to be the youngest hypogene mineral at Tsumeb. However, Sclar and Geier (1957) consider it to be older than galena.