Composition: (Al,Ga)2(GeO4)(F,OH)2
Crystal System : Orthorhombic
Colours: White, beige
Lustre : Greasy
Hardness (H) : 5.5-6.5
Specific Gravity (S.G) : 4.07
Year of Discovery: 2000
IMA Number: 2000-043a
IMA Status: Approved
Named for: F.W.Kriesel (Tsumeb mine chemist)

Tsumeb is the Type Locality


Extremely rare. The level from which the type specimen was collected is not known.


  • Supergene
  • 2nd Oxidation Zone

Notable Finds

Identified on material collected in 1972 from 29 Level, in association with stottite and schneiderhöhnite.

Paragenetic and General Notes

Krieselite is the germanate analogue of topaz. The type material occurs in tiny vugs in tennantite/chalcocite/galena/germanite ore, with anglesite, quartz, and wulfenite. The krieselite occurs as fibrous crystals (to 0.05 mm), forming hemispheres and crusts (to 0.2 mm).