Composition: Cu10Fe3WGe3S16
Crystal System : Cubic
Colours: Pinkish-grey
Lustre : Metallic
IMA Number: 1992-039
IMA Status: Approved
Named for: Ovamboland - the tribal area in which Tsumeb is located.
References: Spiridonov (2003)

Tsumeb is the Type Locality


Very rare (?). In polished section only.


  • Hypogene

Paragenetic and General Notes

The tungsten end-member of a W-Mo series with maikainite. In rounded segregations (to 0.1 mm), as disseminated grains in germanite, and as overgrowths on germanocolusite.

Maikainite and ovamboite were described as new minerals and as end-members of a solid solution series in the same paper (Spiridonov, 2003), with both minerals occurring at both Maikain (in Kazakhstan) and at Tsumeb.  These two localities should, perhaps, share type locality status for both of these minerals, but one was named for each locality.  Maikainite is the Mo-rich end-member, and ovamboite the W-rich end-member. (see Jambor and Roberts (2003), for the English abstract).