Anglesite, (w. Mimetite)

Mineral: Anglesite, Mimetite
Chemistry: PbSO4
Size: 25 mm
Owner: Mark Feinglos
Photographer: Steven Conlon (DUMC Photopath)

Gemmy, pale-yellow crystals of mimetite (to 7 mm) are associated with a very pale bluish-white crystal of anglesite. The mimetite crystals have the same transparency, colour, and habit - terminated by pyramids and a small pinacoid - as the crystals from the famous "Gem Pocket", although the association with anglesite is unusual. Inexplicably, the tip of the anglesite crystal appears to have assumed the same colour and transparency as the mimetite.

The location in the mine from which this specimen was recovered is not recorded, but it probably originates from high in the second oxidation zone where mimetites of similar habit (including the "Gem Pocket") were found.