Chemistry: Pb2Fe3+(AsO4)2(OH)
Size: FOV 13 mm (Main Photo)
Owner: Malcolm Southwood
Photographer: Malcolm Southwood

Sub-mm intergrowths of platy, lustrous, translucent, mustard-yellow crystals of arsenbrackebuschite, associated with steel-grey metallic crystals of chalcocite (<0.5 mm), and sub-spherical aggregates of flattened white calcite rhombs (c. 0.5 mm).

Tsumeb shares type locality status (with Grube Clara, in Germany) for arsenbrackebuschite (Abraham et al., 1978). The assemblage on this specimen is very similar to that of the (Tsumeb) co-type material, which was discovered on 30 Level, in the second oxidation zone.

(FOV for Photograph 2 is c. 11 mm; FOV for Photograph 3 is c. 7 mm.)