Chemistry: PbZn(AsO4)(OH)
Size: 8mm specimen; FOV is 4 mm
Owner: Paul De Bondt
Photographer: Paul De Bondt

Rosettiform aggregates (to 2 mm) of tabular, lemon-yellow crystals of arsendescloizite (verified by Raman spectroscopy), associated with colourless, transparent crystals of water-clear willemite (to c. 1.5 mm).

Tsumeb is the type locality for arsendescloizite, which was discovered in 1979, and described as a new mineral three years later.  The published description (Keller and Dunn, 1982a) does not mention the level in the mine from which the type specimen was recovered.  However, this specimen is accompanied by two labels, one of which (on the box that houses the specimen) indicates that it was originally in the collection of Paul Keller, professor of mineralogy at Stuttgart University and senior author of the mineral description.  The second label shows that it later belonged to Georg Gebhard, and notes that it is part of the type specimen, originating from 30 Level in the second oxidation zone.