Arsentsumebite, (after Mimetite)

Size: 60 mm
Owner: Paul Melville
Photographer: Paul Melville

A typical first oxidation zone specimen, comprising hollow arsentsumebite epimorphs after mimetite (to 9 mm), with pseudomorphs of malachite after azurite. As with a majority of similar specimens, the old label erroneously identifies the copper arsenate as "bayldonite".  A little unaltered azurite is also present.

Originally in the collection of Wilhelm Thometzek, general manager of OMEG between 1912 and 1922, this specimen was traded out of the Humboldt Museum (Berlin) by Georg Gebhard, whose label is also shown.  Curiously, Gebhard's label suggests that this material might have been collected as early as c.1910.