Mineral: Azurite
Chemistry: Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2
Size: 80 mm
Owner: Paul Melville
Photographer: Paul Melville

Azurite crystals (to 45 mm), many of them doubly terminated and in sub-parallel arrangement, forming a bright and lustrous composite plate.  The crystals are flattened prisms, elongated on, and with striations parallel to the b-axis. There is just a hint of incipient malachite alteration on some of the faces.

This specimen is from the first oxidation zone and was originally in the Keller collection. (Keller was the shift-boss who famously accompanied Sam Gordon on his underground visit at Tsumeb in 1929).  Keller’s collection was sold to the Technical University of Berlin in 1957, which explains the “57/117” label fixed to the base of the specimen.  In 1975 it was traded out of the Berlin collection by Professor Hugo Strunz to Georg Gebhard.