Azurite, (w. Germanite)

Chemistry: Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2
Size: 112 mm
Owner: W.W. (Bill) Pinch
Photographer: Jeff Scovil

Well-formed, composite crystals of lustrous, striated, blue-black azurite (to 28 mm) on a matrix of massive sulphide which, interestingly, includes germanite (analytically verified) as a minor component; azurite is very rarely found in association with germanium-enriched ores.  On this specimen the azurite crystals are separated from the sulphide matrix by a very thin veneer of malachite.

The location in the mine from which this specimen was recovered is, unfortunately, not recorded, but it is believed to be from the first oxidation zone.  It was originally brokered by renowned Tsumeb dealer Sid Pieters (Windhoek), and passed through a number of collections before being acquired by its current owner.