Mineral: Baryte, Quartz
Chemistry: BaSO4
Size: 125 mm
Owner: Malcolm Southwood
Photographer: Crystal Classics

Gemmy, well-terminated, honey-brown laths of baryte (to 22 mm) on a matrix that comprises mainly quartz and silicified sulphide ore.  The majority of the baryte crystals on the specimen are in the 10 – 12 mm range, and highly translucent, to transparent (see Photograph 1; FOV 13 mm).

The specimen was formerly in the collection of Franz Lammer (Austria), who’s label indicates that it was purchased from Cors de Bruin (Namibia) in 1960, and that it was recovered from 25 Level, well below the first oxidation zone, and a little above the second.  The baryte is probably of hypogene origin.