Betpakdalite CaMg

Chemistry: [Ca2(H2O)17Mg(H2O)6][Mo8As2Fe3+3O36(OH)]
Size: c. 20 mm
Owner: W.W. (Bill) Pinch
Photographer: John Schneider

Bright and lustrous, canary-yellow crystals of betpakdalite-CaMg, accompanied by gemmy blue crystals of scorodite and milky-white quartz.


This is the holotype specimen for betpakdalite-CaMg (see Kampf et al., 2012).  It was collected from 35 Level, at the bottom of the second oxidation zone, and was originally in the collection of John Innes, chief mineralogist at the Tsumeb Corporation in the late 1970s and early 1980s.