Chemistry: PbFe3+3(As0.5S0.5O4)2(OH)6
Size: 87 mm
Owner: Mariusz Oleszczuk
Photographer: Mariusz Oleszczuk

Lustrous brown crystals of beudantite (to 1mm;  EDS confirmed) on a grey drusy matrix that consists mainly of quartz (EDS confirmed) and hematite (EDS confirmed). A little cerussite and a single crystal of yellow wulfenite (6 mm; see Photograph 2, FOV 45 mm) are also present.

The specimen was originally in the collection of Eugene Wilson, who purchased it in 1963 from renowned Namibian mineral dealer Sid Pieters.  According to Wilson's data card, the specimen was collected on 27 Level, at the top of the second oxidation zone.