Beudantite, (w. Hematite)

Mineral: Beudantite, Hematite
Chemistry: PbFe3+3(As0.5S0.5O4)2(OH)6
Size: 32 mm
Owner: Mariusz Oleszczuk
Photographer: Mariusz Oleszczuk

Tabular crystals of lustrous beudantite, stacked to form equant aggregates (to 8 mm) of more-or-less parallel crystals.  

The display face of this specimen comprises numerous such aggregates, randomly orientated, on an iron-rich matrix, with brick-red hematite (?) visible between some of the crystal groups.

The colour of the beudantite varies from yellow (at the translucent edges of crystals), through reddish-brown, to dark-green and almost black.