Mineral: Beudantite
Chemistry: PbFe3+3(As0.5S0.5O4)2(OH)6
Size: 45 mm; see scale bar on images
Owner: W.W. (Bill) Pinch
Photographer: RRUFF Project

Beudantite is an uncommon mineral at Tsumeb and, for the most part, occurs as earthy crusts or aggregates of very tiny microcrystals.   

This specimen shows well-formed thin, tabular, pseudo-hexagonal crystals of yellowish-brown beudantite (to 2.5 mm), in a highly oxidised and ferruginous matrix. The close-up photograph (FOV 5.5 mm) shows the habit and morphology of the individual crystals.   The beudantite has been verified by single crystal XRD and chemical analysis.

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