Mineral: Söhngeite
Chemistry: Ga(OH)3
Size: 40 x 40 x 25 mm
Owner: MIM
Photographer: Not Provided

This remarkable specimen was originally in the collection of Professor Hugo Strunz, who described söhngeite as a new mineral from Tsumeb (Strunz, 1965).  Two aggregates of cream-coloured söhngeite, the largest of which measures 6 mm across, rest on a blackish matrix.  The söhngeite aggregates are made up of penetration twins, in which the individual crystals present with a characteristic perpendicular orientation (best seen in Photograph 3; FOV c. 12 mm). 

(FOV for Photograph 2 is c. 20 mm;  FOV for Photograph 4 is c. 25 mm.)

This specimen was figured in the Tsumeb! edition of the Mineralogical Record (May-Jun., 1977).