Wulfenite, (w. Azurite)

Chemistry: PbMoO4
Size: 44 mm
Owner: Bruce Cairncross
Photographer: Bruce Cairncross

Shallow bipyramidal crystals of butterscotch-coloured wulfenite (to 12 mm) associated with intergrowths of flattened prismatic crystals of bright-blue azurite (to 5 mm), a little dark-green malachite, and a pearly-white rhombohedral carbonate that is presumed to be dolomite (?).  

The bright green botryoidal mineral (at bottom right of centre in the main photograph) is probably also malachite (?) and the localised areas of red colouration are almost certainly due to the presence of iron oxides, probably hematite (?),

The association of azurite with wulfenite is relatively uncommon, particularly so in aesthetic combinations such as this.

(FOV for Photograph 2 is c. 25 mm.)