Chemistry: PbMoO4
Size: 115 mm
Owner: Harvard University (W.Klein Collection)
Photographer: Malcolm Southwood

Off-white, and somewhat indistinct crystals of wulfenite (to 8 mm) are partly embedded in a thin greyish-green crust of what appears to be duftite (?) over partly oxidised massive sulphide. This specimen is number 961 in the Willem Klein catalogue. It was collected from 6 Level and, as such, is the shallowest-occurring wulfenite in the Klein collection.  Klein described the specimen as "Wulfenit auf fahlerz" - wulfenite on tennantite.

Courtesy  of  the  Mineralogical  &  Geological  Museum  at  Harvard  University,  Wulfenite; MGMH  ID# 127429, Tsumeb; Namibia. @ copyright 2012, President and Fellows of Harvard College. All rights reserved.